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Home Automation Services

Whether you’re a builder, contractor or homeowner, Smart Home Automation from Control4 can add a level of sophistication, comfort, convenience and value to your surroundings.
Do you sometimes leave lights on… doors unlocked… equipment running… heat on?
Do you wish you could operate essential elements in your home remotely… like shades, locks and cameras.
Do you wish you had a more immersive audio, video and lighting experience?
Do you just want more enjoyment from your home or work environment?
These are just some of the questions we at 1ng Consulting know you have asked at one time or another.
Let us give you that state-of-the-art experience you’ve been longing for.

Call us today at (509) 213-0770 to schedule a free consultation.

1ng Consulting is pleased to provide the following Home Automation Services: