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FileMaker Development Services

For longer than most of us can remember, data has been critical in our daily lives.
With the onset of computers, data acquired the ability to be digitized and more efficiently managed.
Unfortunately, the reality of our world is how little data is actually managed.
Some data exists in paper form, neatly filed and rarely accessed.
Other data exists in a spreadsheet, with little or no structure.
Still other data exists in a database that is too convoluted for the average user to manage.
At 1ng Consulting, we live and breathe data management. We believe managed data has a tremendous impact on the success or failure of every business. For over twenty years, we’ve been building database solutions that are user-friendly and easily managed. We accomplished this through the power of the FileMaker suite of products – FileMaker Server, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. Currently in it’s 16th edition, the FileMaker platform is a relational database suite of programs that can be customized for almost any environment. It’s both affordable and robust. We encourage you to check it out at: and then call us to develop the perfect solution for you.

1ng Consulting… Your best choice for FileMaker Pro Database Development.
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1ng Consulting is pleased to provide the following Database Development Services: